Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance, Fairfield, CT A lawn is a common element in both residential and business landscaping. These installations breathe new life into a property's exterior and make the garden more inviting for gatherings and barbecues. It's no surprise that many residents and company owners in the area have lawn installations in their yards and landscapes.

Why Lawn Maintenance Is Crucial

UV rays emitted by the sun and wear and tear from foot traffic can both cause the grass to degrade and get damaged. Maintaining your lush, green grass requires a customized lawn care plan from the experts like us at TM Lawn & Landscaping. Mowing the lawn isn't enough to ensure a healthy lawn, and it needs more tender loving care to keep it looking great and healthy. Since we provide a variety of lawn care services, we are pleased to say that we are among the most trusted lawn treatment businesses in Bethel, Connecticut.

Customized Lawn Care Plans

Lawn care experts at TM Lawn & Landscaping know precisely how to deal with any problem that might arise with your grass, whether it is disease or pests. We use high-quality organic pest control and effective fertilization products without causing any harm to the grass or landscape.

Our company works with you and takes the time to assess the grass before determining which products work best for your lawn. You will find that our high-quality services come at competitive pricing, so you never have to rethink hiring professionals like us for the job. We use the latest tools and equipment, enabling our lawn care team to promptly complete all lawn maintenance tasks.

Our knowledgeable and proactive team will provide you with all the required guidance and details. For more information about our tailored lawn maintenance packages, you can email us through this Online Form. If you prefer speaking with one of our experts, please call TM Lawn and Landscape at 203-798-2415. We can also schedule a site visit to understand firsthand your property's layout and specific lawn maintenance needs.

Dependable, professional service provided each week with attention to detail to enhance the beauty of your property.

  • Lawn Maintenance- Mowing on a weekly basis, trimming and blowing debris from walkways and driveway.
  • Spring Clean-ups- Removal of all leaves, branches and summer debris. In general an overall clean-up of the landscape and lawn areas.
  • Trimming- Shrubbery and hedges will be neatly pruned back twice a year to preserve the natural character of each plant.
  • Lawn Fertilizing- Spring: Fertilizer with crabgrass control. Early Summer: Fertilizer broad leaf control. Summer: Liquid herbicide/slow-release fertilizer. Late Summer: Fertilizer
    Fall: Feeding to promote root growth and early green-up for next season.

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