Landscaping Services in Bethel, Brookfield, Danbury and Newtown, CT

At T&M Lawn and Landscape we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of professional landscaping services throughout greater Bethel, Brookfield, Danbury, Newtown and surrounding areas of Connecticut.

With access to the best materials and supplies and decades of combined experience in the field, we bring forth a level of excellence that ranks as one of the industry’s best. Our professional landscape designers and contractors can turn your landscaping dreams into a reality.

Landscape Design Services

The key to a beautiful landscape is ‘design’. If you have a well-designed landscape then it will be easy to maintain and will add charm and functionality to your property. Every landscape contractor knows that the first secret to achieving a truly remarkable landscape lies in its design plan. Accordingly, we take great pride in designing first-class landscaping spaces for our esteemed clients.

Our expert landscape design team carefully selects a variety of landscape elements such as hardscapes, softscapes, and water features to generate a well-balanced landscape. We also take great care in ensuring that all the different landscape elements form a harmonious synergy that ensures our clients’ landscaping project is a success.

Landscaping Installation

A landscape project is not complete without the installation process, which requires seasoned landscape contractors with decades of experience. Therefore, we ensure that every aspect of your landscape design is carefully and skillfully installed by our expert team of landscape contractors.

We personally supervise and monitor the progress of our landscaping projects from start to finish. With the help of our expert staff, we follow strict guidelines and procedures to guarantee that your landscaping project will be professionally installed, without any setbacks or potential issues.

Quality Landscaping Services

At T&M Lawn and Landscape, our goal is to translate your landscaping needs and desires into a reality and beyond, while exceeding all your expectations in the process. We guarantee to transform your property into a work of beauty that you will cherish for decades to come.

Our rates are highly competitive and we provide all the services, tools and equipment, not to mention the creativity and passion that is unmatched in the industry. So, if you’re considering a new landscaping project for your home, T&M Lawn and Landscape is just what you need to realize the landscape of your dreams.

Feel free to call us at 203-798-2415 for more information or request a quote online.