Tree Work Newtown, CT

Tree Work Services in Newtown, Bethel, Brookfield, and Danbury, CT

If you own a property (commercial or residential) anywhere in Newtown, Bethel, Danbury, or Brookfield and you wish to avail of our tree work services, just call (203) 798-2415. We have the best tree maintenance and care program, and we can let you experience first-hand just what makes us a top landscaping company in Connecticut.

With a personal touch that is indicative of us being a family-owned and -operated business, we make clients feel that they’re part of the family with the high importance that we show to their projects. Let us do the same for you.

Our Tree Care and Maintenance Team

Our team is composed of certified personnel with relevant industry experience and deep working knowledge of their craft. We have arborists, horticulturists, and landscape installers with extensive experience in tree work. Our people also possess keen attention to detail, unmatched expertise, and easy rapport with clients. They are proven to be skilled at what they do, making them some of the most reliable tree care and maintenance personnel that you can possibly hire.

Tree Work Services that We Render

As landscaping contractors offering tree work services to various cities particularly in Newtown, CT, we take pride in our acute knowledge of how such tasks are done. Specifically, we provide the following services:

  • Tree removal – A common tree work that most of our Connecticut clients hire us for is removing trees in their properties. If a tree is already a potential safety hazard or if you just want it removed to make space for a particular outdoor project, we can provide the muscle power that you need. We have heavy-duty equipment and appropriate tools that will remove problem trees quickly.

  • Stump grinding – Tree stumps are not just eye sores but are also accident magnets. If you have stumps sticking out of your outdoors like a sore thumb, then call us immediately. We have stump grinding machines that will remedy such problems in the quickest way possible.

  • Pruning and trimming – There are times when tree branches tend to block precious sunlight or become potential safety issues. There are also instances when there’s a pressing need to remove excess growth to make trees or bushes healthy. In such a case, we urge clients to avail of our pruning and trimming services. With trimming tools and pruning equipment, our expert people will keep your trees and other plantings looking great and healthy.

  • Clearing – If you’re planning to construct a building or an outdoor amenity and you need to clear your outdoors of trees and other vegetation, we can surely help you. We have trucks and other equipment to clear your lawn or backyard so you can proceed with your planned construction the soonest time.

Meanwhile, one of our offered special services concerns emergency storm damage assistance. We have a team of reliable and experienced people who can clear uprooted trees or clear your lawn of any debris that could cause an accident. We have trucks, grinding machines, and other tools that could allow us to address your specific concerns. We offer our emergency storm damage services 24/7 and all year long.

Offering Professional Tree Work in Newtown and Surrounding Areas

With comprehensive tree work services at very popular rates, we at T&M Lawn and Landscape are your best option. As we have proven numerous times before, we can address every imaginable concern that clients may have regarding their trees, lawns, and entire outdoors. If you wish to know more about how you can avail of our services, contact us at (203) 798-2415.