Drainage Systems

Drainage Systems Several problems can emerge if the water in your property or landscaped areas cannot flow freely and is channeled to a particular point, which could pool or flood other areas. Several problems might arise from water that has been allowed to stand.

There's the risk of property damage, which could help spread disease-carrying insects like mosquitoes. Waterproofing is unnecessary if the basement has adequate drainage. If you hire TM Lawn & Landscaping grade and install the drainage system on your Bethel, Connecticut property, you can rest assured that your investment will be well protected.

It is possible to fix some outdoor drainage issues with re-grading, but sometimes basic solutions won't do, and more extensive efforts, like new drainage system installation is required.

Signs That Your Drainage Systems Need Repairs or Replacements

Some common warning signs that your landscaping might need some professional drainage planning are:

  • Outdoor areas that have a persistent pooling of water
  • Sidewalks and walls in the vicinity of the garden or yard that are always wet or muddy
  • Water accumulating around your home's foundation and walls

We are the local drainage system experts to call if you encounter any of these issues. A do-it-yourself solution would only make things worse if the problem is a property with improper grading and sloping terrain, which leads to water pooling. It's best to hire us for all your landscape drainage needs.

We have the certification, training, tools, and knowledge needed to tackle this job to industry standards. Our company also covers all drainage system works with guarantees, and that is your assurance we will complete the work correctly the first time.

For additional details about our drainage system installations, please email us via this Online Form. If you prefer to discuss your septic tank needs with one of our team members, please call TM Lawn and Landscape at 203-798-2415. We can also schedule a site visit to inspect the outdoor areas and drainage system and assess the issue before providing the best solutions.

Do you consistently have a wet basement/ Water pooling on lawn areas or wash-out areas? Then you are probably in need of some form of water management. We have the knowledge and expertise to fix the water issue and repair the damage it has caused.

  1. Drainage systems & water mitigation
  2. Retention center- above and below ground
  3. Curtain drains, foundation & footing drains
  4. Grading, Swale, Rip Rap swale
  5. Replace foundation drains, Install roof drains
  6. Foundation sealing & proper backfilling
  7. Sediment & Retention ponds
  8. All phases of excavation

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We have the experience and expertise to design and construct the finest drainage systems for your outdoor area. We always bear in mind how vital drainage systems are to the health and viability of any given landscape. We engage in an in-depth conversation with you to identify your requirements and assess the current situation. They work tirelessly to ensure the garden drains look great and perform as intended. We can install landscape drains depending on the area, slope, grading, and design. Our crew can do the job if you need a channel drain, French drain, catch basin, area drain, etc. We only utilize top-notch, long-lasting drainage features. No matter how basic or intricate your needs are, our organization will do its best to meet them while keeping you within your budget. In these images, you can see our process for designing and implementing landscape drainage systems firsthand.
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