Drainage Systems

T&M Lawn and Landscape is Connecticut’s leading landscape contractor offering professional drainage installation and maintenance services at popular prices. We have installed some of the finest water management systems for residents and owners of commercial spaces in Bethel, Greenwich, Easton, Monroe, and nearby cities in the state. We hope to do the same for you.

Efficient Drainage Installation

A critical part of guaranteeing efficient drainage systems is the installation phase. Accordingly, we provide a complete range of drainage installation services that clients like you can avail of, including:

  • Excavation. Digging tons of soil is not a task that should be taken lightly. As it is, entrusting such a heavy workload to an inexperienced contractor will surely backfire. With us, you’re assured that all excavation tasks get completed efficiently and correctly.

  • Roof drains installation. Roof drains are vital in ensuring that rainwater will be properly channeled from the roof down to your drainage system. Accordingly, we will install high-quality roof drains that will last long without requiring major repairs.

  • Installation of curtain, footing, and foundation drains. Drains are vital in keeping water management systems free from damage and functioning all the time. We have the experience to ensure that you’ll have these drains in perfect condition all year long.

  • Grading and swale installation. Guaranteeing that the site is properly graded first and swales are correctly installed is vital in ensuring that drainage systems will function properly and last long.

  • Installation of retention centers. Whether we’re talking of above-ground or below-ground retention centers, we have the expertise, manpower, and equipment that can ensure timely completion and precise approach to this particular task.

Professional Drainage Maintenance

Over time, even the finest water management systems will surely deteriorate or suffer damages due to age or natural calamities. We can assure you that the damages will be controlled or at least minimized through proper maintenance procedures done by our expert staff. These are just some of the drainage maintenance services that we offer:

  • Foundation drains replacement. If your foundation drain is already damaged or worn beyond repair, let us use our expertise to replace it with a better one. This will ensure that your foundation will not be weakened due to a defective drain.

  • Foundation sealing and proper backfilling. If your foundation already has some cracks or if the original backfill was badly done, we have the expertise required to remedy them and ensure the integrity of your foundation and backfill.

The Best Drainage Contractors in Connecticut

T&M Lawn and Landscape offers the most complete professional drainage system installation and maintenance services in the state. With access to the best materials from trusted suppliers, we guarantee that the systems we install are built tough and will last for decades. Our many years of experience handling the same task also assures you that we know what we’re doing and that we’re great at it.

For professionally installed or maintained drainage systems, call T&M Lawn and Landscape. With us, there will be no more leaking basement or water pooling on your lawn.