Landscape Supply

Landscape Supplies, Fairfield, CT TM Lawn & Landscaping has you covered for all your landscape supplies needs. Homeowners or professionals can utilize our products. We can also serve as a landscape supplies source for your contractor should you be overseeing a job in Bethel, Connecticut. Our fleet of vehicles can transport packages of any size.

Our gorgeous landscaping projects employ the same high-quality materials we offer. We'll also advise which material could work best for your work and why, and we'll calculate how much you'll need. Usually, you can have your order delivered the same day or the next day. Our massive tri-axle dump trucks can transport the materials you need in a single trip, saving you the cost of hiring numerous delivery services.

Range of Landscaping Supplies

We have various landscaping materials, including stones, flagstones, and specialty brick and drainage blocks. Our outdoor warehouse is stocked to the gills with lawn care equipment, and our friendly staff is here to assist you in the correct course. Our fleet of vehicles can haul everything from tons of base materials to boxes of turf, shrubs, and trees. We provide the finest landscaping materials for any project, whether you're designing a small residential landscape or a large commercial outdoor environment.

We have the resources you need to complete your landscaping job successfully. Feel free to swing by and explore our landscaping supplies for any of your requirements. Paver sidewalk installation, resurfacing, and patio renovation are within our purview. Depending on when you need them, we may supply a wide variety of gardening equipment and landscaping materials directly to your location.

If you need more information about the different landscape supplies, we carry and our tree work process, you can email us through this Online Form. If you prefer to discuss your requirements with one of our team members, please call TM Lawn and Landscape at 203-798-2415. We can also schedule a site visit to understand your tree care property's layout and specific lawn maintenance needs.

We can deliver as well as install all aspects of your new landscape project. All materials provided are of the highest quality and are locally purchased when available.

  1. Landscape Trees, shrubs, bushes, annuals and perennials.
  2. Premium topsoil, screened fill, sand
  3. Premium bark mulch, hardwood and color mulches
  4. Crushed stone, traprock, driveway base
  5. Grass seed, treated hay, mulch hay and fertilizer

Come to us for any materials you may need for your next landscaping project. They are within our scope of expertise, from installing new paver walkways to patio renovations. If you need gardening equipment or landscaping materials, we have a wide variety to choose from. We stock a variety of landscaping materials, such as rocks, flagstones, ground cover, and erosion blocks. Our outdoor warehouse is stocked with a wide selection of lawn care materials, and our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in locating the precise tools and supplies you need. Tons of base material, sacks, pallets of sod, shrubs, trees, and more can all be delivered with ease on our fleet of vehicles. In these images, you will see that we can supply all the landscaping materials and products you need to create the most stunning lawns and landscapes on your residential or commercial property.
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