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Excavation Services in Brookfield, Bethel, Danbury, and Newtown, CT

When it comes to rendering professional excavation services for property owners in Brookfield, Danbury, Bethel, and Newtown, we at T&M Lawn and Landscape offer the best value for their money. We have been providing expert assistance to numerous clients on this seemingly intimidating task – always with the results that they have in mind.

If you want to ensure that you’ll be getting your money’s worth, then trust only an experienced contractor like us. With over 30 years of relevant experience and a solid portfolio of successfully completed tasks, we are the company you need for all your excavation concerns.

Our Excavation Approach

Excavating properties for renovation or construction projects is something that only people with more than average knowledge, manpower, and logistics capabilities can handle with the utmost efficiency.

At T&M Lawn and Landscape, we take pride in having the most solid team of excavators with several decades of combined experience performing various excavation tasks. Our team first works out a plan with clients to know specifically their construction or renovation needs. When possible, we consult with their architects or civil engineers to discuss certain aspects of the project.

Be it for residential or commercial projects in Brookfield, CT or other major cities in Connecticut, we always ensure that no detail is left out before we start the entire excavation. Once the plan is finalized, we then commence with the project by sending our best people, as well as the heavy-duty equipment needed for the job at hand. We have someone in charge all throughout the project’s duration to ensure that everything’s carried out as planned. And even when the project’s already completed, our people would still perform one final check just to ensure that everything truly went well.

Excavation Works that We Perform

As landscaping experts, we are well adept at performing various excavation tasks for residential and commercial properties. No matter how simple or complicated the project may be, we have the logistics capabilities to perform it with guaranteed positive results.

Specifically, we can perform the following excavation works for clients from Brookfield and other areas in Connecticut:

  • Excavation of pools, ponds, and other water features – These are among the most common tasks that we perform for clients. Accordingly, we can guarantee quick excavations of various sizes and types of pools, ponds, and any water feature that you need to be built.

  • Foundations and footings – The safety and longevity of most buildings typically depend on how well the foundations were built. And before these foundations rise, they must first be properly excavated by a reliable contractor like us.

  • Basements – Just like foundations, it’s also vital to ensure that the basement is excavated carefully so that other preparatory tasks will go smoothly.

  • Drainage systems – Drainage systems are vital components of almost every property, both commercial and residential. Accordingly, we will ensure that they are excavated according to your specific needs, as well as any applicable laws.

  • Septic systems – Septic tanks must be placed according to the ideal depth. Septic systems must be excavated only by reliable contractors to avoid any problem that could cost you great inconvenience in the future.

We also provide other services aside from the ones mentioned. Just tell us your specific needs, and we will accommodate them to the best of our abilities.

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With appropriate heavy equipment and tools, skilled manpower, and competitive rates, our excavation services here at T&M Lawn and Landscape are the best that you can possibly find in Brookfield and nearby areas. Call (203) 798-2415.