Lawn Restoration

Lawn Restoration, Fairfield, CT Immaculate lawns never happen by chance. Specialized care techniques and services help them always look fresh and put together. Lawn care involves various challenges, and identifying the problems is crucial before deciding on a lawn care strategy. Accomplishing the fundamentals of lawn care at the outset is vital.

Local Lawn Restoration Company

We at TM Lawn & Landscaping offer our residential and commercial clients the best lawn care services in and around Bethel, Connecticut. Turf renovation is a costly and time-consuming task that shouldn't be undertaken until the root cause of grass degeneration has been addressed. This is where our lawn restoration services come in. We provide efficient lawn restoration services to repair damaged or deteriorated lawns.

The winter months are particularly damaging to the grass and if you have bare or brown spots, call us immediately. Timely lawn repairs and restoration can help bring your lawn back to its former glory.

Causes of Lawn Damage

There are several reasons for lawn damage and deterioration, such as:

  • Inadequate watering
  • Excessive shade
  • Poor drainage
  • Tree root competition
  • Inadequate fertility
  • Soil compaction
  • Acidic soils
  • Insect or weed infestation
  • Thatch buildup
  • Disease
  • Poorly adapted cultivars and grass species
  • Other

We can correct all these problems with our detailed and thorough lawn restoration services.

Why Hire Us?

There are several good reasons to hire us for all your lawn repair and restoration requirements, such as the following:

  • Fast response time
  • Professional service
  • A customized lawn restoration approach
  • Lawn treatment and fertilizing
  • Seeding, dethatching, aeration, seeding, and more
  • Residential and commercial services

Our proactive, skilled, experienced team will provide you with all the needed information regarding our lawn restoration process and products.
You can drop us a message via this Online Form for more details about these and our other services.

If you want to discuss your requirements over a call, please call TM Lawn and Landscape at 203-798-2415. Our experts can also schedule a visit to your location to understand your property's layout and lawn restoration requirements.

The following is a program to renovate your lawn. It will include thatching, insect control, over seeding and a fertilization program as needed.

The following should be done before May
  1. Removal of thatch build-up in lawn areas. Raking, thatching and blowing off debris.
  2. Spreading premium loam to areas as needed
  3. Application of systemic insecticide to lawn areas, as needed
  4. Application of liquid herbicide to lawn areas as needed
  5. Application of contact insecticide to all lawn areas and landscape areas, as needed.
  6. Overseeding of all lawn areas with premium grass seed to suit areas.
  7. Spreading of treated mulch hay to bare ground areas to retain moisture.
  8. First application of lawn starter fertilizer.
  9. Application of granular lime.

The following should be done on a monthly basis
  1. June 1, apply fertilizer with post-emergence weed control
  2. July 1, apply fertilizer with surface insect control
  3. August 1, apply slow-release fertilizer and apply a contact insecticide
  4. September 1, apply fertilizer with pre-emergence weed control
  5. November 1, apply dormant fertilizer

We provide a wide variety of landscaping services, including affordable lawn restoration. We have set lawn maintenance plans, but we also know that customization is necessary, and that's what we focus on. This lets you control your spending by choosing the services you use. We only use organic fertilizers and pesticides to keep your lawn safe from harmful chemicals. If you need new grass installed, you can be certain that our sod comes from respected nurseries and is free of weeds and diseases. Our team works together to ensure that the grass is always in top shape when it comes to lawn restoration. This extends its useful life and lets you enjoy your property's green spaces throughout the year. In these images, you will see that we can restore and install lawns of all shapes and sizes to create the most stunning outdoor areas.
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