Septic Systems

Septic Systems TM Lawn & Landscaping offers reliable and professional septic tank installations to clients in and around Bethel, Connecticut. Our team is skilled and licensed to handle all types of septic system works, and we have the necessary tools and knowledge to tackle these jobs to industry standards.

A septic system is called an "Onsite Wastewater System" or “Subsurface Sewage Disposal System.” It’s a vital aspect of your property’s functions and overall value. You need to treat it carefully and maintain it like any other mechanical system on your property.

If you have noticed any malfunction in it or if it needs replacement, please call us. Timely inspection and repairs help ensure better resolutions at a lower cost. We have worked on many septic system projects over the years, and our experts can handle every aspect of the job from start to finish. We manage everything from the excavation and installation to the final ground fill and clean up.

Septic Tank Installation Process

It usually takes between three and five days to establish a septic system. There may be noise in the yard, but you may use the toilets without any interruptions. We ask that you refrain from using water or flushing toilets for only an hour or two while we remove the existing septic tank and replace it with the new one. Our team works efficiently and systematically so that every step of the process gets done in line with current codes.

For more information about our septic tank installation process and related services, you can write us a message through this Online Form. If you choose to discuss your septic tank requirements with one of our experts, please call the TM Lawn and Landscape team at 203-798-2415. We can also schedule a site visit to inspect the existing tank and assess the issue before providing suitable solutions.

If your underground sewage disposal system is leaking or no longer functioning properly, we have the expertise to diagnose, repair or replace your system. We work with local engineers to develop new or repair existing systems using the newest materials and designs for your local area. These new systems are designed to ensure maximum lifespan without damaging the environment.

  1. New systems installed
  2. Repair old systems - B100
  3. Water percolation & deep hole testing
  4. Gravity or pump systems
  5. Engineering services
  6. Full lawn installations & Landscaping
  7. Water & sewer lines

During septic tank installation, it's crucial that you work with someone who is properly licensed and insured, like us. All septic tank work is done to the highest standards, including approved methods and tools. The excavation and installation of a septic tank on your property is best left to trained experts like us. Having been in business for quite some time, we can provide our customers with first-rate assistance. You can see from the pictures that we only use the best earthmoving equipment available on the market for all our business projects. Our team of certified professionals completes all the excavation tasks using chain-type trenchers. Contrarily, commercial trenching projects of significant size need wheeled trenchers. Our team of trained professionals carries out all septic tank excavations systematically and safely. We also stick to a strict timeline to guarantee the project's timely and trouble-free completion.
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