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Lawn Maintenance Services in Bethel, Brookfield, Danbury and Newtown, CT

Property owners in Danbury, Newtown, Bethel, and Brookfield who are searching for a reliable lawn maintenance provider should get our services at T&M Lawn and Landscape. With numerous satisfied clients and decades of total experience performing various lawn care services, we can definitely answer all your needs. Call us today.

Why Get Our Lawn Maintenance Services?

If you are in need of various lawn maintenance services, T&M Lawn and Landscape is the right company to hire. We have with us more than 30 years of industry experience, making us highly knowledgeable about the different tasks needed to keep lawns looking great.

As a family-owned and -operated business, we never fail to add a personal touch to our handled projects, ensuring that we are on top of everything at any given time. Our manpower, on the other hand, includes experienced landscape personnel who have worked on various lawn care tasks for numerous clients. We always get our clients involved in critical aspects of every lawn maintenance project that we handle to ensure that their specific needs are met. We also have access to premium quality materials and appropriate tools and equipment, thereby allowing us to deliver positive results. And with rates that are among the lowest and most competitive, we are able to serve the greatest number of clients possible.

Lawn Maintenance Jobs that We Provide

As a long-time landscaping contractor, we can perform various lawn maintenance jobs for clients from Fairfield, CT and other Connecticut cities. The specific lawn care assistance and services that we can provide include:
  • Mowing – Turf should be constantly mown to ensure that the lawn stays healthy and vibrant. By mowing the lawn grasses to the desired height, we can make lawns look immaculately clean, presentable, and healthy.

  • Fertilizing – Be they perennials or just turf, ensuring that such lawn elements are properly fertilized will prolong their life and guarantee their health. Accordingly, we only use industry-approved fertilizers that are also eco-friendly.

  • Mulching – By applying mulches over your perennials/annuals, shrubs, or trees, we can keep them nourished longer, especially during summer. Mulching likewise makes soil healthy and thus ideal to grow different plantings.

  • Pest and weed control – Weeds, pests, and other plant hazards need to be constantly kept in check. By performing a regular check-ups and scheduled weed and pest control, we can guarantee you healthy plants and lawns that will make your outdoors stand out easily.

  • Clean-ups – It’s important to constantly keep lawn areas clean and tidy. By doing clean-ups during springtime or when fall arrives, your outdoor areas will surely be pleasing to the eye.

Connecticut’s Expert Lawn Maintenance Provider

Investing in your lawn is a major decision that could include a considerable amount of your hard-earned dollars. With this in mind, you should only hire first-rate contractors with a proven track record.

At T&M Lawn and Landscape, our expertise and list of satisfied clients are your ultimate guarantee that hiring us is a wise move on your part. Our lawn maintenance offerings are designed to cover every imaginable task that our Connecticut clients may require expert help on. Should you wish to know more information about the services that our company offers, please call us at (203) 798-2415. You may also just visit our Bethel office so our friendly staff could personally listen to your specific needs and offer the best solutions.