Lawn Maintenance

Are you satisfied with the services provided by your existing lawn maintenance contractor? Do you have a poorly mowed lawn or unevenly trimmed hedges? If this is your lawn’s current condition, it's time to hire an experienced contractor that can provide you with efficient solutions and positive results.

If your property is located in Fairfield County or nearby areas, contact T&M Lawn and Landscape today. We provide reliable lawn maintenance services at a cost that you can afford. Hiring us is the right decision since we’ve been in the landscaping industry for decades, covering all aspects of landscaping – from design and installation to maintenance.

Comprehensive Lawn Maintenance Services

We know that there are a lot of landscaping companies and contractors in the state offering the same or similar services as ours. However, we try to be different by offering highly personalized lawn maintenance services. Different types of lawns require care that must be appropriate for their needs.

And to ensure that we can cater to the various lawn care needs of our clients, we have a comprehensive lawn maintenance plan. With this plan, we will take care of everything – from mowing the grass to applying mulches and fertilizers. We will also perform regular maintenance without clients having to call us every time.

Meanwhile, we can also provide clients who want a specific lawn care service such as:

  • Lawn mowing. This is an indispensable task that must be performed regularly. We can do it on a weekly basis or as requested by clients like you. Our team will ensure that your lawn is evenly mown and properly cleaned after the task.

  • Trimming. Shrubs and hedges serve as beautiful accents on your lawn so they should not be neglected. At T&M Lawn and Landscape, we have creative people on the team who can trim or prune hedges based on your desired shapes and styles.

  • Fall and spring clean ups. If you have a vast lawn with trees and various plantings, cleaning it after fall and spring can be too taxing. Let us help you with this task. We have appropriate tools and equipment such as leaf blowers and baggers that will help us perform the task faster and more efficiently.

  • Fertilizing and mulching. Your lawn needs the right amount of nutrients to make it lush and beautiful the whole year round. Applying fertilizers and mulches will achieve this but using the wrong type and amount can result in withered grass and dying plants. Fortunately, we know when to apply them and which type of fertilizer to use during a particular season. For example, we use slow-release fertilizer and liquid herbicide during summer and use fertilizers that promote root growth during the fall season.

Aside from these services, we can also perform aeration, replanting, and other related lawn maintenance tasks. Just tell us what you need and we will provide them.

Lawn Maintenance Experts in CT

We’ve already made numerous Connecticut property owners satisfied with our professional and personalized services. But we don't want to stop improving the quality of our services. We continuously update our people on the current trends and methods in lawn maintenance and ensure that we have all the necessary tools and equipment when performing the various services that we offer.

Call us today if you want to bring back your lawn’s vibrancy and beauty.