Tree Work

Trees are nature’s air conditioning units, and they also provide other great benefits like flood prevention and aesthetic lifting of any area they’re planted at. But to fully enjoy what trees have to offer to residents or patrons of commercial establishments, trees have to undergo various care and maintenance such as the tree work services that we offer at T&M Lawn and Landscape.

Professional Tree Care and Maintenance Services

Whether you’re from Monroe, Wilton, Fairfield, or Redding, you can always rely on our tree work assistance. As we’ve been providing exceptional landscaping services to numerous Connecticut clients, you’re assured to enjoy any of these expert services:

  • Stump grinding/removal. When a potentially hazardous tree is cut down, it is expected that a stump will be left bulging like a sore thumb, which is a safety risk in itself. We provide the needed services to eliminate stumps so they won’t become an eyesore or cause any accidents.

  • Emergency storm damage. If you’re left wondering what to do with all the mess brought on by a recent storm, then we suggest contacting us right away. We have the necessary expertise and heavy-duty equipment to remove uprooted trees and other debris that litter your property. And the best thing is that we offer this particular service on a 24/7 basis all year-long.

  • Tree removal. Is a tree an accident waiting to happen due to its age or condition? Do you think that the a tree close to your home or business property may cause irreparable damage and bodily harm in case of an earthquake or storm surge? If you have any of these worries, please call us at once and we will evaluate your concern and remove the tree accordingly.

  • Trimming and pruning. Whether it’s for safety considerations, aesthetic lift, or tree maintenance and care purposes, we can perform the professional tree trimming and pruning that you need. We have arborists who can lead such tree work projects to ensure that trees are trimmed or pruned the right way.

  • Clearing operations. If you’re tasked to construct a structure or building on a lot with trees preventing you from even starting, we can help you by clearing the site off of such problem trees. We have everything needed to cut down trees efficiently and safely and then dispose of all the debris properly.

Reasons to Hire Us for Your Tree Work Concerns

Performing various tree work tasks must not be entrusted to just any landscaping services provider. Keep in mind that not only would you invest money in it; but you would also put your property’s beauty, safety, and functionality on the line.

At T&M Lawn and Landscape, we offer our services at prices that clients can afford. We also have expert staff like dedicated arborists who oversee every project that we have. And because we know that manpower should always be accompanied by some mean machine, we invest in heavy-duty equipment like trucks and man-lift to make our work efficient and safe.

If you wish to know more about our offered tree work services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help you have a relaxing, safe, and stunning outdoors wherever you may be in Connecticut.