There are many types of home or commercial improvement projects that require digging or excavation. You may be interested in having an in-ground pool or may need to build a drainage system. When it comes to major projects such as these, your best option would be to have someone else do it for you.

And if you want great results on any excavation project, you must only hire contractors with the expertise and the right equipment to do the job. One company that you can rely on in Connecticut is T&M Lawn and Landscape. We’ve been offering reliable excavating services in Bethel and other major areas in the state and we can extend our services to you.

Why Hire an Excavation Expert?

Using your bare hands and a shovel may not be enough to handle a digging task. Hiring excavation experts would be the best option because they have the needed equipment to dig faster and more efficiently. Since they have extensive experience in this field, you can expect that they will perform the task faster and with great precision. Future problems are prevented because they know how to keep pipelines, wiring, and other utilities buried underground safe from possible damage. Moreover, you’ll be saving time if you hire established contractors because they have enough manpower to handle it. And at T&M Lawn and Landscape, we have all these qualities. Hiring us will give you peace of mind because you know the project is being handled by qualified and experienced contractors.

Residential and Commercial Excavating Services

Every member of our team is skilled and licensed to do all the major digging services you may need for your landscape, backyard, basement, and other areas in your home or commercial property. Here are some of the construction or home improvement projects that may require excavation:

  • Foundation or footing installation
  • Pools, ponds, and other water features
  • Basement
  • Grading
  • Cut in driveways and tracking pads
  • Drainage systems
  • Septic systems
  • Water percolation and deep hole testing

Highly Reliable Excavation Tools and Equipment

We have access to the best and most efficient heavy equipment that can handle any excavation job, be it for a new construction, demolition, or renovation project. Moreover, the right type of tools and equipment are used on specific tasks to ensure they will provide positive results. Big projects normally require the use of bulldozers, loaders, trenchers, trucks, and compactors. All of these are handled by a properly trained crew who are also knowledgeable in all aspects of excavation. They can efficiently prepare the area for pool construction, installation of drainage systems, and foundation installation, just to name a few.

Quality Work at Reasonable Prices

Many clients from Fairfield, Shelton, Weston, and other cities in Connecticut have already tried the kind of service that T&M Lawn and Landscape provides. We’re proud to say that they were more than satisfied with the kind of dedication and professionalism that we provided when we performed excavation work for them. We’re confident we can do the same for you.

If you are after quality work and affordable service, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call today!